23 Best Memes Eli Manning & the New York Giants Stunning Colin Kaepernick & the San Francisco Giants

While the memes do focus on Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco Giants looking awful and losing a fourth straight game, the story is more about Eli Manning and the New York Giants showing their crunch time prowess for once.

The opening game of the season ended in an opposite way for the Giants. This time, with 80 yards to go and one possession pretty much left, Manning forgot about his injured receivers and other problems on the team. He found Larry Donnell in the end zone with 21 seconds left, not enough time for the Niners to do anything about it.

Colin Kaepernick actually wasn’t all that bad. He only got sacked twice, which probably says more about how bad the Giants’ pass rush is, and threw two touchdown passes, including doing nicely on the previous drive to put the 49ers up with two big passes, although most of the job was done by Carlos Hyde. He even didn’t get intercepted!

But the 49ers, losing four in a row, are maybe the “sad” story of the NFL this season. A team that did so well for three years under Jim Harbaugh and lost its best coach in two decades due to the ego of the ownership. Meanwhile, Harbaugh is blossoming on his new job at Michigan, while the Niners look like the worst team in the NFL.

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