13 Best Memes Making Fun of Indiana Pacers & Roy Hibbert

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You don’t usually see an All-Star player talk so highly of himself and his team all year long and then playing terribly (and that’s being gentle) in the playoffs, but Roy Hibbert seems to be setting all kinds of negative records in this postseason, making things very difficult for himself and the Indiana Pacers, resulting in plenty of hurtful memes pointing out just how bad he has been so far.

Hibbert’s numbers? 4.6 points, 3.3 rebounds, 35.6% from the field. He has had three games, including the last one against the Washington Wizards, with 0 points. He has had two games with 0 rebounds. He has been so bad, so hurtful to his team and actually unnoticed on the floor unless he fouls someone that Vogel has played him 19 minutes or less in half their postseason games so far.

Why is this happening? No one seems to have an answer. There’s the rumor of Paul George sleeping with Hibbert’s future wife, which also sparked the fight between Evan Turner and Lance Stephenson during practice. But that’s just rumors. Sticking to the fact, Hibbert looks like his head, body and soul simply aren’t in the game. Maybe that’s simplistic, but it goes beyond analysis of teams being able to neutralize him or take him out of the game. He is doing that on his own.

Kevin Garnett has been getting some flack as well for his awful performance against the Miami Heat. One thing to keep in mind: Garnett is on his way to retirement; he’s 38 years old. Hibbert? He has been in the league since 2008. He is an All-Star, or was. His awful performance is much worse than what we’ve been seeing from Garnett.

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