15 Best Memes of the New Big Baller Brand Shoe

The biggest joke in the basketball world, LaVar Ball, continues to torment his son’s NBA career before it even began, as the meme makers ripped the new signature shoes of the BBB (Big Baller Brand) to shreds, for their look and for their price.

The patriarch Ball doesn’t seem to be moved by the criticism and the backlash to his words and actions, as he takes a front seat to his son’s career, which for now looks like it could do with a little piece and quiet. Ball is still projected to be an early lottery pick, probably in the top 10 and even top 5, but in terms of marketability and franchises wanting to deal with him? His dad isn’t helping the cause.

The two worst things about the new Big Baller Brand shoes? They look a lot like the Kobe Bryant 10’s only with a different logo, and they cost a whopping $495, which is twice as expensive as the latest LeBron James basketball shoes. While Ball may end up being the star of the future, this feels less like his father and brand trying to forge their own way in a market dominated by big names, and more of a simple money grab that’s actually hurting the brand.

The joke going around the web is that these shoes are going to end up being placed on the clearance rack for around $4.95 pretty soon, as it is difficult to imagine who would pay so much money for a player many doubt can have a long NBA career as a star in the league. LaVar Ball says anyone who can’t afford the shoes isn’t a big baller. Sometimes, it’s difficult to understand how his son doesn’t simply tell him to shut up.

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