18 Best Memes Making Fun of Manu Ginobili & The San Antonio Spurs

Trends change quickly. The current one is making memes and jokes about Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker, generally the San Antonio Spurs while the pressure is slightly off LeBron James and the Miami Heat, unless the momentum of the NBA finals swing the other way once more.

Ginobili flops but doesn’t get fined. He also choked, or simply didn’t play well if you’re not loving the comparison, in the closing minutes of the game. The problem for the veterans is that it’s not the first time he has suddenly turned into a liability for the Spurs in the closing moments of a game.

Tony Parker wasn’t the bad guy – Mario Chalmers should be. But in an age that’s about the hashtag and calling anyone that seems to be hurt a flopper, Parkering was born, and Mario Chalmers is compared to a video game character out of Mortal Kombat or Tekken.

The Spurs suddenly have pressure on them, which wasn’t supposed to happen considering the Miami Heat are always the team under the microscope. But after winning game one and wasting it away and being the weaker team through the first couple of games, even a lovable bunch like the Spurs deserves to get some social media torture for a few days.

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