23 Best Memes of Sam Bradford & the Minnesota Vikings Beating Aaron Rodgers & the Green Bay Packers


Even when the Minnesota Vikings beat the Green Bay Packers, and Sam Bradford outplays Aaron Rodgers, memes don’t forget to make fun of Adrian Peterson injuring his knee, and being taken off the field without a cart.

How in such an expensive stadium was there no money left in the budget to get a cart and carry poor Peterson off the field? Well, it didn’t matter. The Vikings defense made mince meat of the Rodgers, who threw a big interception, and had many Packers fans once again blaming Olivia Munn for their quarterbacks weaker games.

And the Vikings? Suddenly, all those who were against Bradford landing to save their season are screaming his name, in a positive way. Bradford was just what the doctor ordered, and reminding everyone that he’s a pretty good quarterback, and perhaps injury-free he can become what everyone thought he’d be when he was selected number one in the draft, coming out of Oklahoma.

Maybe once Peterson’s knee situation is revealed we can know more about how we can define the NFC North at this point. But the Vikings going 2-0 and overcoming a number of obstacles suggest they might be the Super Bowl contenders they think they are too.

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