27 Best Memes of Adrian Peterson Beating Up his Kid

The NFL is more about law and order these days than actual football, as Adrian Peterson is the next one to find his name on the offenders list after being indicted by a jury for beating his own kid, which obviously made quite a lot of splash in the world of making memes.

What happened? Peterson wanted to discipline one of his children after he had a fight with his brother while playing a video game. His version of discipline? Taking a branch, stripping it into something referred to as a switch and knocking some sense into his child. An old-style whoopin’ as Peterson referred to it.

The marks, with dried up blood, were still visible a week after Peterson dished out his special brand of discipline. A warrant was issued for his arrest, and Peterson quickly turned himself in, which means he won’t be available for the Vikings for at least one week, but probably a while longer – at least six more games.

This season is starting out in all the wrong ways. Ray Rice’s suspension turned into something that might topple the big dictator of the NFL. That issue isn’t over, and now there’s the Adrian Peterson scandal to handle. There also has been football, but too many distractions along the way.

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