14 Best Memes of Alejandro Sabella & Argentina Beating Belgium in the World Cup

For once, Argentina isn’t talking about Lionel Messi or some other star footballer. Yes, they beat Belgium, but the one showing up on all the memes and jokes is Alejandro Sabella, the head coach who had one moment of slipping near the bench that sparked a phenomenon of creativity.

Sabella was so amazed with a miss that he started falling back. For some reason, he fell back too much, and almost found himself on the ground. He managed to regain balance in the last possible second, but the “damage” was done, and he was embarrassed in front of hundreds of millions worldwide.

Eden Hazard, who also shows up here, was terrible. He has been bad except for a few decent minutes in the win over Russia. The big star of Belgian football who is also a Premier League star with Chelsea was almost completely absent in the match against Argentina, and should have plenty of fingers pointed at him for his poor performance.

Argentina didn’t do anything special in the match – just one goal. That’s why all the focus is on Sabella, who seems to be something of an obscured figure because of the star power that some of his players, especially Messi, have. One moment of losing balance took care of that.

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