16 Best Memes of Carlos Hyde & the San Francisco 49ers Running All Over Adrian Peterson & the Minnesota Vikings

The San Francisco 49ers aren’t as bad as advertised. With a head coach that looks like a porn star, a running back in Carlos Hyde that’s unstoppable right now and a better than expected defense, it’s no surprise they beat the Minnesota Vikings, with Adrian Peterson getting mocked at by the meme makers.

Peterson wasn’t relevant in the game, and Teddy Bridgewater was incredibly disappointing as the Vikings were held to just 3 points. Meanwhile, the 49ers, mainly through Hyde but also through debutant Jarryd Hayne and a bit of Colin Kaepernick, ran over everything in their way.

Opening games tend to misleading. The 49ers destroyed the Dallas Cowboys in week 1 last season and the season ended poorly for them. The Vikings don’t need to panic just yet; Bridgewater is going to have better days and so will Peterson.

But in a week full of unexpected results, the Vikings looking this bad and the 49ers playing their plan to perfection was among those surprising outcomes.

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