13 Best Memes of Chase Utley Breaking the Leg of Ruben Tejada

Turns out Chase Utley sliding and breaking Ruben Tejada’s leg reminded most people of Karate Kid and the famous ‘Sweep the Leg’ moment. Oh, and the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the New York Mets.

Utely, never the most popular player among Mets fans during his days as a Philadelphia Phillies player, turned a dangerous slide into a serious injury, a leg breaking injury, and taking out Ruben Tejada.

The thing about these incidents is that Utely will go unpunished, while the Mets just lost a key player in Tejada. They were the underdogs going into the series and managed to take a surprising 1-0 lead. Now that they’re without him and the series tied at 1-1, is all hope lost?

Utley won’t change, but let’s hope this is the last player he injures in this postseason. It won’t be too surprising to see one or two Mets pitchers trying to get back at him in game 3.

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