9 Best Memes of Chelsea & Cesc Fabregas Winning Their First Match

Despite conceding the first goal, Chelsea went on to win their first match of the season, looking more impressive than any other team in the Premier League so far. The meme makers focused on Cesc Fabregas making a splendid debut, Fernando Torres nowhere to be seen and the unhappy Petr Cech.

Robbie Fowler also had something to say after hearing Chelsea fans singing about Steven Gerrard during the match, reminding them of another famous slip, that of their captain four years ago on the rainy Moscow pitch in the Champions League final.

Fabregas got most of the pats on the back after the win. Despite his impressive numbers with Barcelona, he came away from that three-year experience with his head a bit down, especially after the World Cup. His debut for Chelsea, as a central midfielder, showed a complete, confident and happy player, finishing with a couple of assists in the win.

Thibaut Courtois made his debut for Chelsea despite being owned by the club for over three years. He did concede an early opener but that wasn’t his fault. He wasn’t tested the rest of the way as Burnley struggled creating anything noteworthy, and Courtois has no reason to fret over his place in the lineup for the coming weeks.

Fernando Torres? I’m not sure a lot of people remember he’s actually still on the team.

Fabregas Assist Man Dat Pass A Chelsea Slip

Arsenal fans after watching Fabregas
Arsenal fans after watching Fabregas

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