18 Best Memes of Chip Kelly & the Philadelphia Eagles Blowing it Against the Washington Redskins

The memes coming out in criticism of Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles are about losing to the Washington Redskins, but mostly about one man taking over too many roles and maybe destroying his own season.

Losing to the Redskins currently puts the Eagles at the bottom of the NFC East, not the general plan when Kelly was hired from Oregon. One year of making the playoff, one year of missing it and now, maybe a low no one thought they’d get to.

Kelly took control of pretty much evertyhing regarding personnel decisions. Building a team. Turns out it doesn’t guarantee success, at least not immediate, and with the losses comes the pressure.

DeMarco Murray maybe stands as the biggest failure as of now, putting up another disappointing performance without impressing when running the ball. That might be the failure that eventually costs Kelly his job.

Chip Kelly 30 on 30

Wrecking ball Kelly

Eagles SB Highlights

Not on Sunday

Pitchfork mob

Dumb people

No more excuses

All over Philly

Miss me yet

We can't have Super Bowls

Pre Season champions

Firing Kelly (Fantasy)

Pope shocked

It worked at Oregon

I have no idea what I'm doing

Wrong choice



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