11 Best Memes of Chris Ivory & the New York Jets Running All Over Ndamukong Suh & the Miami Dolphins

Playing in London didn’t make the Miami Dolphins any better all of a sudden, as the memes clearly show the huge disappointment from the team for yet another season, this time focusing on the ultra expensive and dirty Ndamukong Suh, busy trying to cheap shot Ryan Fitzpatrick instead of sacking him.

While the focus today is on the weak pass rush from the Dolphins following the signing of Suh, the biggest problem might be Ryan Tannehill getting 0 protection from his offensive line. With more and more problems showing up all over the field, maybe it has more to do with the head coach, Joe Philbin, who is rumored to be walking a very narrow line at the moment after the 1-3 start.

The New York Jets didn’t go into this season with too many expectations, but they’re looking better then prophesied right now. Ryan Fitzpatrick is doing a good job of not letting his usual mistakes come to life, the defense is very good and consistent, while Chris Ivory keeps looking great as the vanguard of the ground game.

The Dolphins were entering another season of being the team most likely to change the status quo in the AFC East. Right now, they might be the most likely team to finish last in the division, with the playoffs looking like a long forgotten dream at the moment.

115 million man

Kicking the comments

It would be a shame

Need a kicker


Dolphins watching drunk

Dolphins website

Woke up so early

Melting down candles

Dolphins fans


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