21 Best Memes of Chris Paul & the Los Angeles Clippers Knocking Out the San Antonio Spurs

Your tears are delicious

Despite the earlier predictions, the Los Angeles Clippers knock off the San Antonio Spurs, the defending champions, from the NBA playoffs, with meme makers mostly focusing on making fun of the Spurs and their impending mass exodus.

Tim Duncan is a free agent, and might not have it in him to play another NBA game. Manu Ginobili is very close to retirement. Gregg Popovich might not come back as well. This loss to the Clippers wan’t another failed attempt to repeat as champions, for the fifth time. It might really be the loss that brought the end of an era to the most successful NBA franchise (and in all of sports actually) of the last 16 years.

The Clippers made it through thanks to a seven man rotation at best, but it worked. In the end, it came down to Chris Paul, often criticized for lacking what is necessary to shine in the clutch, and a big shot over Tim Duncan to win the game, to end the series.

The Clippers move on to face the Houston Rockets in the conference semifinals. The Spurs? They’re going fishing as it’s customarily said, but with a lot of thinking, pondering and decisions to make.

You suck

That's cute meme


Battle for the free throw

Not swept

Battle of the brick

LeBron is happy

Spurs repeat never happening

C'Mon Spurs fans

Now we here

Is this the end

Fade away


Beating the Spurs

Same day

How Clippers fans are sleeping

Before & After

Working on excuses



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