12 Best Memes of Colin Kaepernick & San Francisco 49ers Beating the Philadelphia Eagles


For once, Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers aren’t the focus of hate and laughing stock on NFL-related memes. Their win over the Philadelphia Eagles put Nick Foles and LeSean McCoy in the unflattering spotlight.

Kaepernick did throw yet another interception to make everything think about how bad he is at passing when his first option is gone or how the new stadium is something of a cursed ground, but for the first time this season, the second half wasn’t a disaster.

Actually, it was the complete opposite. After going 3-52 in the previous six second half quarters, the 49ers shut out the Eagles in the final 38 minutes of the game, and scored 16 points in the third and fourth quarters, coming back from a 21-10 deficit.

Nick Foles has been getting nothing but compliments heading into this season, but after four weeks, he isn’t looking as accurate as he did last year, completing less than 50% of his throws against the 49ers.

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