29 Best Memes of Colin Kaepernick & the San Francisco 49ers Humiliated by Aaron Rodgers & the Green Bay Packers

The sad season of the San Francisco 49ers and Colin Kaepernick rages on, as the memes come from everywhere to make fun of the team & quarterback following a home loss to the Green Bay Packers, with Aaron Rodgers shining on the other side.

Everything went badly for the Niners, putting up just 3 points in the home defeat, as playing in their home stadium is getting more and more brutal. It seemed like there was more Packers support, which isn’t that surprising considering the 49ers fans are losing faith in the ownership and direction quickly.

And there’s the thing that’s happening on the field. Colin Kaepernick is losing credit by the second, although considering the state of the offensive line and the coaching, it’s not that surprising to see him struggle.

But when he faces Rodgers, probably the best QB in the league for the last few years, every mistake Kaepernick makes is easier to pick on, and overall, he looks more and more like a player who should never have received that massive extension, and possibly putting more and more pressure on head coach Jim Tomsula to make a quarterback change.

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