31 Best Memes of Colin Kaepernick & the San Francisco 49ers Losing to the Chicago Bears

As one might expect, Colin Kaepernick is the focus of the day after memes, making fun of his narcissism, his interceptions tendencies and more than anything being the root cause for the San Francisco 49ers losing a huge lead and getting beaten by the Chicago Bears.

Kaepernick has a record of making bad throws in big games, and although between those nasty moments he usually does quite well, he is the type of player that kinda invites the criticism. He was flagged during the game for inappropriate language, which is the second dumbest penalty in the book after excessive celebrations, but he’s a trash talker who is quite fond of himself, which makes him an easy target when things don’t go so well.

The Niners had a 17 point lead thanks to the players around him making it easier for him to succeed, just like in the win over the Cowboys. The defense, the offensive line, the special teams. Kaepernick is the least important link in that chain more often than not.

He’s still a good quarterback, but nothing more. The San Francisco 49ers are a flawed team, but still should be expected to do better, especially against a shaky team like the Bears. The Kaepernick jokes aren’t going to stop, so it’s easier to read them after winning games.

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