33 Best Memes of Derrick Rose Getting Injured Again

Maybe it’s bad luck, or maybe some kind of curse that keeps hitting Derrick Rose with season and career threatning injuries, probably off to another long period of recovery and rehab, which immediatly got out the best and worst of meme makers, making fun of the long list of injuries that have been an inseprapable part of the Chicago Bulls point guard.

Another tear in his meniscus, just like last season. There is a small chance that it’s not as serious as it was back in November 2013, which led to a surgery and sitting out the rest of the season. Rose has been healthy for most of this one, playing in 46 games so far and playing rather well for someone who has been out for most of the last two years.

But his form in the last three games has been off, maybe due to this injury. The Bulls overall have been doing very well, climing to third in the East, winning six of the last seven. No team in the NBA knows better than them on how to shuffle through injuries to key players, but once again, a team built to win a championship seems like it’s out of the running for the same reason that always tends to get in their way.

Rose is a special player, but he hasn’t had the fortune of being his real, best self for too long. He peaked in 2011 with the MVP, followed by a good and injury riddled season in 2011-2012. Since then, he’s been mostly on the operation table or resting, healing up for his next big return. Now there’s another challenge in his way, an the hope of being the one to finally bring back a title to the Chicago Bulls is quickly fading away.

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