15 Best Memes of Eli Manning & New York Giants Losing to the Seattle Seahawks

It’s not just the fault of Eli Manning that the New York Giants have lost four games in a row. But unlike previous weeks, he was very bad in the loss to the Seattle Seahawks – worthy of being made fun of by the meme makers.

Manning has always been an easy target. Yes, he has two Super Bowl rings, but he is an interception machine that fails to get out of that shell. He does have those two Super Bowl rings, but when you make fun of someone, ignore the parts that hurt your argument.

The Seahawks weren’t that good or special for the first three quarters but then Pete Carroll decided enough is enough and started running the ball. And then some more, and a bit more after that. From a tied game it turned into a blowout, with Seattle setting a new franchise record for rushing yards.

The Giants don’t need a massive rebuild, but they need a drastic change in some positions. Paying so much money to Eli Manning, a champion but not that good of a quarterback, is standing in their way of completing those changes.

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