15 Best Memes of ESPN Unhappy About No SEC Teams in the Championship Game

The College Football world is both happy and shocked that no SEC team has made it to the national championship game. Well, except for Alabama fans, and ESPN, which means there are plenty of memes out there making fun of the conference-network relationship.

After building up the SEC as the best conference in college football by ignoring all the bad teams and simply reporting about the very good ones, a false perception was made. But the truth, at least in the last two years and maybe more, is that the SEC is good, but not special, and when it doesn’t have a special team, it looks even worse.

So Auburn made it to the championship game last year and lost, while Alabama lost in the Sugar Bowl. The SEC West sent seven teams to bowl games this season – a record for a seven team division. Arkansas and Texas A&M won, but all other five teams: Ole Miss, Mississippi State, LSU, Auburn and Alabama lost their games. The SEC East is the only reason the conference has a .500 record in its bowl games so far.

What will it mean for next year? Not much. ESPN owns the SEC Network, which means it’s not going to stop hyping up and talking about a good but regular conference. With good, bad and mediocre teams, just like the Pac-12 or Big Ten. But not special, not this year, not last year and maybe not next season as well.

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