22 Best Memes of Floyd Mayweather Knocking Out Conor McGregor

McGregor Sonic Rings

As expected, the Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather mega boxing fight didn’t just generate a s***load of money for both fighters, but also hilarious memes, mostly mocking the Irish MMA champion.

There was nothing surprising about Mayweather winning the bout, nor was the TKO surprising. Mayweather hardly ever wins with power, but with McGregor unable to stand properly or defend himself, being too tired deep into the 10th round, it’s a good thing the fight stopped. McGregor later said the ref should have lt Mayweather drop him, but it’s a good thing that people’s thirst for blood wasn’t completely satisfied. 

Mayweather retires, for the third or fourth time, this one probably being the last one. He won’t get a bigger fight financially than this one, now raking in over $1 billion in his career from PPV fights. And for someone who cares a lot about retiring undefeated, the 50-0 number is something impressive, stylistically as well.

McGregor doesn’t come out too battered from the fight. He showed he can last 10 rounds with an all-time great (although Mayweather probably could have finished it earlier), made an obscene amount of money and can return to MMA without losing any respect, at least from most people. Something of a win-win situation for everyone without anything surprising happening. It was even an enjoyable fight, if you were able to ignore just how mismatched it was.

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