15 Best Memes of France Destroying Switzerland & Other World Cup Stuff

The most impressive result of day 9 in the 2014 World Cup was France absolutely running all over Switzerland with an impressive performance from Olivier Giroud and Karim Benzema, maybe the best player in the tournament so far. Obviously, things went so well for them it resulted in memes and jokes at the expense of the Swiss side.

It was hard to gauge France and their chances before the tournament began. On the one hand, the talent is obviously there. On the other hand, they’ve been so bad over the last three major tournaments that it was difficult to expect something big of them.

However, the two opening matches for them in the World Cup have proved that including them among the list of potential winners to this tournament wasn’t a bad idea.

So we have the Valbuena jokes for him being small. It doesn’t matter when you’re that good and influential. The real joke of the match was having two players that weren’t even good enough for Arsenal playing in the center of defense for the Swiss team. The results and goal numbers were according to the quality.

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