20 Best Memes of Geno Smith, Michael Vick & the New York Jets Losing

Geno Smith Meme

Things always hit rock bottom for the New York Jets at some point. Geno Smith was terrible, Michael Vick came on for him and did badly as well, Rex Ryan is helpless, the San Diego Chargers shut them out, and the memes are making fun of them again.

The Jets, a team that looked confident going into the season, claiming they can win the division, sensing the New England Patriots are weaker than before, are 1-4 so far this season. They mustered less than 160 yards of offense in the loss to the Chargers (0-31). It’s that bad.

Offense has always been a struggle for the Jets under Rex Ryan, but for all of his attempts and changes at quarterback, the result keeps getting worse. From Mark Sanchez to a bit of Tim Tebow and even some Greg McElroy. Geno Smith and now Michael Vick. Flat out bad.

The solution? There is none. The offensive line is bad, which means the running game is struggling as well. The Jets have a good defense, but with such a poor production on offense, it doesn’t really matter.

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