10 Best Memes of Italy & Costa Rica Beating England & Uruguay in the World Cup

Group D was bound to generate plenty of attention with England, Italy and Uruguay in it, but who knew Costa Rica would steal the thunder from everyone by shocking Uruguay to make it the biggest upset in this World Cup so far? As expected, their victory and Italy beating England generated quite a few memes and jokes.

However, England didn’t play badly enough to become something you ridicule. The more embarrassing moment actually came when they scored, as their physio celebrated too hard and had to be carried off the pitch for injuring his ankle. Wayne Rooney with his joke of a corner might also deserve to be shamed for his execution.

But there’s no doubt Uruguay are the team everyone is making fun of today, coming 24 hours after Spain were humiliated by the Netherlands. They had the lead, but completely fell apart once Costa Rica recognized their weakness and started playing with speed and accuracy.

Luis Suarez was left on the bench to watch his team squander what should have been automatic three points. He wasn’t even used to try and save the day – his injury is just that bad at the moment, which puts a serious question mark on what we’ll actually see from Uruguay in their other two group matches, as winning both of them becomes almost a must.

England, Italy, Liverpool, Juventus

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