12 Best Memes of Jack White Watching the Chicago Cubs

It was another disappointing day of Baseball at Wrigley Field, and no one conveyed the losing spirit of the Chicago Cubs better than Jack White, making a cameo appearance in the stands and getting a meme to scorch through the Internet thanks to his pissed off face.

The Cubs lost 3-8 to the Padres, falling to 41-58, which is the third worst record in all of baseball. Some say Theo Epstein is doing a good job of building the future for this franchise, but the present doesn’t seem very exciting nor successful.

No longer part of the White Stripes duo, Jack White isn’t doing too bad himself. Both of his Solo Albums have reached #1 in the United States, so there really isn’t that much to be angry about.

Maybe it was just a bad angle that caught him in a perceived bad moment, but it’s funnier actually thinking that what some of these memes describe was actually going through his head.

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