30 Best Memes of Jameis Winston & Florida State Crushed by Marcus Mariota & Oregon

The Rose Bowl was the venue of the first ever College Football playoff game which exposed Jameis Winston and Florida State as weak and fragile, or at least that’s how Oregon made them look, with most of the meme makers focusing on the slip and fumble by the Seminoles quarterback, which will now forever will go with him, just like his Heisman trophy.

For about one half everything was going fine, but Oregon kept on playing at full throttle, which meant no rest for the Seminoles offense and constant pressure on them to come from behind. Winston made mistakes, and then another (he wasn’t alone in it) and then everything came crashing down on him and his teammates.

After once incredible year and a good second one, if the loss to Oregon was in fact the last time Jameis Winston plays for Florida State, people will remember, at least in the short term, his slip and fumble rather than his achievements during his freshman season. That’s just how things work, not to mention his media persona and legal problems, that have made it quite popular to hate on him.

Winston did implode, choke or whatever you want to call it in the second half of the playoff game, but he wasn’t alone. A quarterback is never alone in a loss. Dalvin Cook fumbled the ball twice, the defense gave up touchdowns in lightning quick speed. This was an all out bad, embarrassing display by the Seminoles, and not the way you’d think a team that hasn’t lost in over two years would go down.

Jameis Winston & Jets

Turnover dessert

FSU be like

Jimbo Fisher meme

Odell Beckham for the rescue

Winston be like Brucie

Teo's GF sack

Lance blowing on Jameis

Stealing crab legs

FSU crab leg joke

They mad

The wrong tape

Flawda State

Dirty Winston joke


Winston in 2015

FSU logging out

Winston & his bed

Butter on his fingers

I'm a fraud now

Frozen meme

That escalated quickly

A wild Suh appears

At this moment

Mario Kart Mariota


Anotonio Brown



Wearing Green

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