35 Best Memes of Jay Cutler & the Chicago Bears Getting Crushed by the Green Bay Packers

Anytime Jay Cutler gets outplayed by Aaron Rodgers while the Chicago Bears get crushed by the Green Bay Packers, meme makers are going to run wild and seemingly come up with an endless amount of jokes at the expense of the sinking ship and it’s quarterback.

It might not be at the level of hate/mockery the Dallas Cowboys get along with Tony Romo when they lose, but it’s getting there. The Bears have lost by a combined 69 points in their last two games. They fell behind 45-0 against the Packers. It’s fair to say that except for the Raiders, they’re at the lowest of the low in terms of the pathetic meter in the NFL.

Cutler gets sacked. He keeps throwing interceptions. He looks like a player who is about to throw the towel at any given second. He looks that way only multiplied by a several dozen each time he faces the Packers, a team he has rarely tasted victory against.

So while the Packers are going to keep themselves busy in the next couple of months fighting for the top spot in the division, the Bears will be busy analyzing and dissecting just how bad of a team are they, and if there’s any hope at all going into the future.

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