31 Best Memes of Johnny Manziel Getting Destroyed by the Cincinnati Bengals

The Johnny Manziel era for the Cleveland Browns got off to a very bad start, getting crushed by the Cincinnati Bengals resulting in an overflow of memes celebrating his demise on his debut.

People are also quite happy that ESPN got things wrong. The network has been pushing for Manziel to play because he means better business than the “boring” Brian Hoyer. So Manziel got to start, and all those who believed in him turning thing around for the sliding Browns were proven wrong.

Obviously, one game doesn’t turn into a career-ending moment. Yet his performance was so abysmal (10-of-18 for 80 yards with two interceptions) that for now, it’s hard to actually believe he has what it takes to succeed in the NFL.

In the instant culture, stars are made and shot down within less than 24 hours. Manziel deserves more time, maybe even on the bench, to learn how to do well as a quarterback in the NFL. But right now, throwing him into the deep end backfired on the Browns, now almost certainly out of the NFL playoffs.

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