12 Best Memes of Jon Jones Knocking Out Daniel Cormier

As some put it, the king has returned. Jon Jones, made his grand return to UFC with a knockout win over Daniel Cormier, resulting in plenty of memes unjustly mocking Cormier for crying at the end of the fight.

Introducing Crying Cormier

Maybe boys don’t cry, but sometimes real men do, and there was no shame in how Cormier lost. He took one round from Jones in an affair that lasted two and a bit, as a Jones kick sent the 38-year old to the ground. It was too bad Jones was allowed to hit Cormier so many times in the back of the head before the referee finally stopped it. Cormier was interviewed right after the fight, and being emotional turned out to be the birth of a new meme.

Jones might be respected and showed terrific ability for a guy fighting for the first time in 15 months, but he didn’t revel in the win for too long. He immediately called out Brock Lesnar, putting his rivalry with Cormier behind him. It doesn’t matter anymore. He beat Cormier twice – last time defending his light heavyweight title, this time winning it back.

For Cormier, this might be the end. The kind of loss that crushed someone to the point he can’t go back. For Jones, it was a lifeline in the sport that he took with both hands. Now it remains to be seen if he manages not to f*** it up.

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