23 Best Memes of Jose Bautista & the Toronto Blue Jays Beating the Texas Rangers

The Toronto Blue Jays make the most of a wild 7th inning against the Texas Rangers to move on in the playoffs, with meme makers focusing on Jose Bautista hitting a home run and delivering a fierce bat flip, but also the errors of the Rangers and the “classy” Blue Jays fans.

Why classy? Because a controversial call in the 7th inning that gave the Rangers a 3-2 lead resulted in an 18-minute delay, with Blue Jays fans filling the field with garbage and other wonderful things, throwing them in protest.

But that was all forgotten. The brawls, the Rangers 2-0 lead in the game and in the series. Jose Bautista hit a massive home run to break the 3-3 deadlock and send himself along with two other runners on base to home plate, giving the Blue Jays a 6-3 lead they weren’t going to lose. His bat flip was something of an F U to the Rangers.

The Rangers weren’t the only Texas team to lose and exit the playoffs on Wednesday. The Houston Astros got a taste of how good Johnny Cueto can be, losing 7-2 in game 5, also dropping a 2-0 lead in the game and an early lead in the series.

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