12 Best Memes of Jose Mourinho & Chelsea Parking the Bus Yet Still Losing to PSG

The wait for a Champions League title just grew a bit longer for Jose Mourinho, as his negative tactics didn’t pay off with a home draw against PSG that send Chelsea packing due to away goals not being on their side, while the meme makers focused on the fact that they were playing against 10 men.

Jose Mourinho complains all season long about officials robbing points from him and his team. So he got help thanks to an unlucky challenge by Zlatan Ibrahimovic that turned into a red card due to the acting of Oscar and the behavior of the other Chelsea players, as Zlatan referred to them as 11 babies surrounding him.

But despite having the one man advantage, Chelsea played like the 0-0 is all they care about. They hardly risked the goal of Sirigu, while PSG were the more dangerous team throughout the 90 minutes and extra time.

It ended with Thiago Silva and David Luiz becoming the heroes for PSG. Silva didn’t argue with Kuipers when he was cited for a handball that led to a penalty kick, almost sending Chelsea to the quarterfinals, but Silva made the most of the corner opportunity given to him, in a rare day when it could be said that justice was done on a football pitch.

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