21 Best Memes of Josh Scobee & the Pittsburgh Steelers Choking Against Justin Tucker & the Baltimore Ravens

One of the best rivalries in the NFL produced a weird ending, coming down to Josh Scobee unable to make field goals and then the Pittsburgh Steelers losing faith in him, giving Michael Vick the chance to fail twice on fourth down. The Baltimore Ravens celebrated, and so did the meme makers.

Scobee, who has had kicking problems before, which makes Mike Tomlin incredibly unhappy obviously, missed two field goal attempts in the fourth quarter which could have given enough of a cushion to win the game for the Steelers (led 20-14 heading into the fourth, lost 23-20 in overtime), might be looking for a new job pretty soon.

For the Ravens, Justin Tucker didn’t blow it. He hit a 52-yard field goal on the road, in overtime, to win the game. The Steelers in the meantime kept going for it on fourth down. Vick did pretty well as the backup to the injured Ben Roethlisberger, throwing one touchdown pass and not turning the ball over, but on two fourth and situations (fourth and 2, fourth and 1) he couldn’t get the first down, failing both with his arm and his legs.

The biggest news might be the Ravens possibly keeping their season alive, avoiding an 0-4 start. Justin Forsett did most of the work with 150 rushing yards, while Joe Flacco did throw a touchdown pass but also an interception, in an awful start to the season so far for him.

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