29 Best Memes of Juventus Knocking Cristiano Ronaldo & Real Madrid Out of the Champions League

A day after Juventus knocked Real Madrid out of the Champions League, meme makers focused on the surprise factor, Cristiano Ronaldo and his love for penalties, Gareth Bale being the scapegoat and Alvaro Morata getting his revenge.

Despite being tabbed as the weak link in a semifinal foursome that’s made up of current and former European giants, Juventus played well in both legs, leading to a deserving 3-2 aggregate win, leading them to their first final since 2003.

Ronaldo was turned into a laughing stock because he got his usual goal through a penalty kick which never should have been given, this time James Rodriguez doing the diving. The memes the day after make it seem like Ronaldo doesn’t care if his team wins or loses, but whether or not he gets a goal.

Alvaro Morata should have been the next Real Madrid star but was sold after not getting enough opportunities. Someone who was brought in, Gareth Bale, is now number one on the hate list among the Real Madrid fans, blaming every failure on him.

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