25 Best Memes of Kevin Durant & the Golden State Warriors Celebrating a Championship Over LeBron James

One day you’re a loser, the other a champion and NBA Finals MVP. The meme makers celebrated Kevin Durant finally winning a title ring and helping the Golden State Warriors regain their status as NBA champions after a one year hiatus. They probably celebrated the downfall of LeBron James even more.

Durant is never going to get rid of the perception that he hopped on the right wagon and bolted to a team that he couldn’t beat, but he probably doesn’t care. Not with one hand on the NBA championship trophy and the other on the Finals MVP. The Warriors didn’t cheat, they simply built a great team, and added a Hall of Famer to it, while he’s in his prime to make sure mistakes like 2016 don’t repeat.

And LeBron? Whether he’s playing on an inferior team (and he is) or not doesn’t matter. The Warriors were too much for him and his helping hands this time, who too many of them didn’t show up to the finals with the same kind of ability they showed last season when the season was on the line.

Many are worried about the Warriors dominating for years to come. It happens. The Bulls ruled the league with 6 titles in 8 years. We may see something like this again. The Lakers won 5 championships in 9 seasons, and lost in the finals two more times. Sometimes dynasties come together. It’s OK to dislike them, but calling it unfair is kinda silly.

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