12 Best Memes of Lance Stephenson, Biggest Fool of the NBA Playoffs

The Indiana Pacers are a long forgotten team that has been knocked out of the playoffs, but it doesn’t mean we don’t miss them, and especially the antics of Lance Stephenson, who might not be a special player, but his decision making brought him negative recognition he never dreamed of getting, of trying to take LeBron James out of his zone.

So what did Stephenson do? Well, he’ll be now remembered for three things: His incredible flop that resulted in the ‘Lance Sleeping’ meme, cupping LeBron James in his face during game 7 which was actually not the worst of his antics, and the now famous blow in the ear of James, which seemed to cross the line for everyone.

Stephenson himself didn’t care. He played, well or badly, but kept on with his behavior, deciding that it’s his best chance of getting some sort of advantage over a better team. His head coach and team president told him to stop it. Stephenson simply came back with a weirder, bolder strategy that made himself into a joke, and didn’t help the Pacers win games.

What’s next? From a player the Pacers would love to sign right away, suddenly not everyone is sure they’d love him on their team again. Not just management and his coach, but also his teammates, which might find him to be an excellent basketball player, but probably not the most helpful of individuals if his behavior and mentality don’t change.

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