22 Best Memes of LeBron James Carrying the Cleveland Cavaliers Over the Chicago Bulls

After the Cleveland Cavaliers took a 3-2 lead against the Chicago Bulls with a 106-101 win, the meme makers focused on the hilarity of the Matthew Dellavedova and Taj Gibson moment, but mostly brought up LeBron James, which isn’t surprising at all.

Taj Gibson got ejected for kicking the annoying Australian, who actually started everything by locking the legs of the Bulls’ big man. But for those who love to yell about how referees help LeBron James, this was a perfect moment of his opponent getting hard done by thanks to a referee call.

But there was also a game, a very good one. James was fantastic in it, leading the Cavaliers in pretty much every category, including 38 points in 41 minutes, this time shooting quite well (14 of 24) and delivering big defensive plays along the way, like his blocks on Derrick Rose and Nikola Mirotic.

Rose himself had a great first half and disappeared in the second, when Jimmy Butler and Mike Dunleavy picked up the slack. The Bulls had opportunities to tie the game and even win it but blew it with some bad offensive plays and struggling to contain both James and Kyrie Irving. Now, it’s one more game and they’ll be saying goodbye to the postseason “thanks” to James for a fourth time in the last six years.

Dellavedova Gibson meme

Referee logic

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Dellavedova leg lock

I'm just here to leglock the comments

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Not playing around no more

No more excuses

Blocking guards

Choking teams out of the playoffs

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