9 Best Memes of LeBron James Having Hair Problems

Hair Jokes

Remember that about a week ago, LeBron James suddenly regrew his fading hairline? Well, it’s back to its fading-away position, which means memes are focusing on his hairline, not on the NBA season about to begin.

Which is normal. There’s nothing but media day, and then training camp, and then only preseason. Still not enough to keep us intrigued. But LeBron James, maybe the most famous athlete in the United States, having some sort of hair situation? Golden.

James showed up to a Nike event with a full set of hair, complete in the front where most of his problems are. No headband. Just hair, like he’s Paul George reincarnated. At least he’s not actually injured like Paul George.

And now? Pictures of him with the same faded hairline, a growing forehead, appear. This means it was some magical spray, like the one Carlos Boozer infamously once used. Just another thing for LeBron haters to make fun of.

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