16 Best Memes of LeBron James & the Miami Heat Beating the San Antonio Spurs

Trends change quickly and go with the winners. The Miami Heat beat the San Antonio Spurs to make things even in the NBA finals, as LeBron James put on quite a show while Manu Ginobili flopped and choked in the closing minutes, while Tony Parker was also made fun of in a new meme and joke trend called Parkering for his painful moments on the floor.

Just like James’ cramp phenom in the first game – this wasn’t Parker flopping or faking an injury. He got elbowed hard in the ribs or around that area by Mario Chalmers, which resulted in some worrying moments for the Spurs as he wriggled in agony on the floor. He got back in, but missed big free throws that could have made a huge difference.

Ginobili played a very good game but didn’t show up for the final few minutes. He squandered three consecutive possessions as the Miami Heat got back and took control of the game. Ginobili, like in last year’s game 6 and 7, played well until the very end, where his decision making and execution suddenly became damaging to his own team.

And James? He just smiled at the end along with Chris Bosh who had an excellent game. James took his time before starting to dominate, but ended up scoring 35 points and completely taking over the game. Hypothesis and what if’s don’t really matter, but it’s probably true that if it wasn’t for his cramps, the Heat would be up 2-0 by now.

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