15 Best Memes of the Los Angeles Clippers Destroying James Harden, Dwight Howard & the Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets are embarrassing. James Harden is mediocre, Dwight Howard is doing terribly in this series and Kevin McHale is one more loss from getting fired. THe Los Angeles Clippers? According to the memes, they’re doing just fine.

Austin Rivers is playing like a star, and Doc Rivers can’t stop hiding huge smiles, proud of his son and even more happier and cheerful about having an easy series compared to what he went through in the first round.

DeAndre Jordan isn’t happy about going to the line, but what can he do? Just smile, try to make his free throws (which he isn’t doing too well) and get on with it. When he’s not on the line, the Rockets can’t stop him.

James Harden didn’t win the MVP. While the playoffs have nothing to do with the selection, suddenly it’s not too surprising to see why. In this series, he’s back to being a joke on defense again, which is hurting the Rockets on almost every possession.

No Pizza Rolls For You

Houston Rockets joke


Proud father

Rockets detonator

Happy Mother's day from Matt Barnes


Just kiddin harden

Meanwhile in San Antonio

Rockets and different vs

Too many free throws

Why Jordan sucks

Free throw meme



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