37 Best Memes of Luis Suarez & Uruguay Biting & Beating Italy in the World Cup

Instead of remembering some epic battle between two former World Cup champions in Italy and Uruguay for the right to qualify, Luis Suarez biting Georgio Chiellini, with endless memes and jokes that follow, was the biggest event in a very disappointing match.

Maybe the person to blame in all of this is referee Marco Rodriguez, who is known for his love to hand out red cards. His dismissal of Claudio Marchisio was controversial. Him ignoring what Luis Suarez did to Chiellini was even more outrageous.

And what will be the end with Suarez? For the third time in his career he has been caught at his lowest. It wasn’t a good match from him anyway, but it doesn’t matter. Uruguay are into the next round, although Suarez might not be if FIFA decide to suspend him.

That’s Suarez. A genius footballer, but someone who simply can’t be completely controlled or subdued. He didn’t make a big fuss of it after the match. Teammates and his coach tried to defend him. It doesn’t matter. There’s no walking away from this one without punishment although biting is far less serious than players trying to injure others with brutal tackles or hits. It just makes a lot more headlines when it does actually happen.

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