22 Best Memes of Manchester United & Louis van Gaal Humiliated by MK Dons

As Manchester United sunk to a new low by losing to MK Dons, the memes in the moments and hours after focused on Louis van Gaal and Angel di Maria realizing what a mistake they’ve made, but also on David Moyes, doing quite a lot of gloating these days.

In defense of Manchester United, no one cares about the League Cup, and the lineup Van Gaal used or his formation isn’t something we’re going to see in the league. Most of these players the club would love to get rid of, or won’t get a real chance in the lineup this season at all.

And yet, there’s a way of losing and appearing. A 4-0 defeat to a League One side isn’t one of them, when every goal showed a softed side to the team’s defense and mentality. Ryan Giggs kept whispering words of wisdom in Van Gaal’s ears, and things kept getting worse.

Di Maria didn’t play. He was watching. Maybe thinking about the decision he just made, and trying to figure out whether things will actually get worse, just like Van Gaal promised, or maybe the only way his up, and his arrival will be the trigger that takes Manchester United to a better future.

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