18 Best Memes of Mario Balotelli Jumping

Lose or win, Mario Balotelli always finds a way to leave an impression, and this time with his jump over Raheem Sterling scoring a goal, quickly turning into one of the best memes on the internet this year.

Balotelli has already been an inspiration for a very popular meme: The Celebrating Balotelli¬†from the 2012 Euro semifinal. This one didn’t come on a happy occasion, as Liverpool lost for the third time in five matches, this time to West Ham, 3-1.

Balotelli made his mark with a few long range shots that were easily saved but mostly by doing the smart thing and jumping over Sterling hitting a shot from outside the box, scoring Liverpool’s only goal of the match, coming after already going down 0-2 during the first seven minutes of the match.

Balotelli is still waiting to score his first goal in the Premier League while playing for Liverpool (he has already scored in the Champions League). However, until Daniel Sturridge comes back, it might be something of a problem for him and the team.

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