10 Best Memes of Marshawn Lynch Trying to Not Get Fined by the NFL

It seems that the main goal for Marshawn Lynch in the days leading up to the Super Bowl? To not get fined. The NFL are on the opposite side of that curve, with the memes to prove this is getting a little bit ridiculous.

Is this a witch hunt? Yes and now. The NFL has fined Brian Urlacher $100,000 in the past for wearing a hat during Super Bowl media events endorsing a company the NFL hasn’t signed off on, so Lynch won’t be the first to get fined for something like wearing a beast mode hat.

But it does feel as if the NFL has the hots for his money. He shows up to media events and simply says one sentence. Some find it funny, others find it disrespectful. but in any case, with the deflated balls slowly fading away from sight, Lynch’s media “antics” are taking central stage.

So will he or won’t he get fined? Probably only after the Super Bowl. If he wins the game and earns himself a big contract on the next deal he signs? He won’t care so much.

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