5 Best Memes of Matt Barnes Beating Derek Fisher For Doing His Wife

It’s preseason, so off-the-court stories are still generating more interest than actual basketball. The biggest one? Matt Barnes attacking Derek Fisher after hearing his ex-teammate is out with Barnes’ estranged wife. A few good memes describe the situation quite well.

Barnes isn’t the calmest person on the NBA court, so imagine his reaction when he hears that Fisher, not the greatest of human beings who loyalty isn’t something that’s too important to him, someone he played next to on the Los Angeles Lakers, is going out or something similar with the mother of his children.

Barnes of course is saying something completely different, but it’s not too difficult to add the pieces together. Fisher is rumored to be said that although he did get roughed up by Barnes, he dished a few hits in return and it wasn’t all one sided as the media made it seem like when it first reported the story.

Fisher is currently the head coach of the New York Knicks, trying to somehow make his players work out the triangle offense. Barnes will be playing for the Memphis Grizzlies next season, heading into the final years of his NBA career. It’s “wonderful” that the world of romance can bring two former teammates together despite the distance between them.

How's the wife meme

Derek Fisher be like meme

Triangle offense meme

Hi I'm Derek Meme

D Fisher meme

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