25 Best Memes of Matt Ryan & the Atlanta Falcons Choking vs Tom Brady & the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl

Super Bowl 51 turned out to be the kind of games memes were made to review and make fun of. The New England Patriots and Tom Brady not showing up in the first half, before Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons pulled an incredible, historic choke job to let the championship and Super Bowl rings slip right out of their hands.

The Patriots won the game on a James White touchdown in overtime, in an ending that should send the NFL to revise its overtime rules. But the Falcons lost the game way before it, during their bad third and fourth quarters, when suddenly converting short third down situations seemed impossible. That one fourth quarter drive that was already a field goal waiting to happen and ended up being a punt was probably the one drive the Falcons will lament the most.

There’s obviously the Julian Edelman catch, and a few other passes the Falcons were so close to intercepting. Despite his 4th Super Bowl MVP and impressive numbers, Tom Brady made a lot of bad throws. But something was going on in the second half that was always unnatural, and beyond the laws of what us human beings abide to. Something seemed to want the Patriots to complete the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history, and provide more reasons to whine about for the Falcons and Atlanta sports fans in general.

This put the Patriots on a whole new level. As a franchise, as a dynasty. More like a stamp of approval on their greatness under the duo of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. The scary thing? It doesn’t seem like they’re done winning.

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