15 Best Memes of Oklahoma City Thunder Losing to the Los Angeles Clippers

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Every time the Oklahoma City Thunder lose, the usual memes and jokes come out. Most of them (often justifiably) are directed at Russell Westbrook for being a selfish and often unreliable player in the clutch. The fact that the series with the Los Angeles Clippers often looks like a wrestling match and has nothing to do with basketball hasn’t been ignored as well.

All the love Kevin Durant got for his MVP speech and thanking his mother came just before Mother’s Day. Some think Durant forgot to mention some gratitude towards referees, and being overall easier to like although he is just as “dirty” of a player like LeBron James, only getting lest flack for it.

But the center of focus is Westbrook, who will never step out of the label of being a selfish player. Not passing to Kevin Durant on those final possession that led to the loss was just another example of the famous pass-point guard joke that remains relevant, because Russell Westbrook doesn’t learn, or doesn’t have a coach strong enough to teach him.

Scott Brooks doesn’t get memes about him. Maybe it’s because he isn’t a big enough persona. But when watching the same old problems come up for the Thunder, you have to wonder if it’s not just the players finding it difficult to adjust, but their head coach messing up when he needs to learn from mistakes.

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