16 Best Memes of Paul Pierce Beating the Atlanta Hawks with a Buzzer Beater

Becoming Rose mem

Even when he’s not playing well, Paul Pierce is extremely dangerous in close games as the clocks winds down. Just ask the Atlanta Hawks, losing a game because of another bank shot buzzer beater, as the memes care to point out.

Derrick Rose did it with the board, and a day later so does Pierce. It was a lucky shot, no matter what Pierce says, but it doesn’t matter. Luck factors into the final result and is fine by the judges. And the Wizards led the entire game before a fourth quarter collapse, so it’s not like they played a bad game.

And it’s pretty much what the Wizards signed Paul Pierce for. Experience, which hopefully comes through in the playoffs during very close situations. Just like it did for him and them in this particular game.

Without John Wall (although he might be back this series), Pierce’s leadership gets an even bigger role. The scoring? A lot of guys on the Wizards can score. But make buzzer beaters look this easy and cold blooded? He’s probably the best suited man for the job on this team.


Wall's Hand meme

Celtics fans crying

Becoming DRose

Outlaw the backboard

Saving shots


Game blouses

I called game

You can't handle the truth


Playoff birds

I dated him in high school

Getting jumped


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