30 Best Memes of Peytong Manning & the Denver Broncos Outplayed by Andy Dalton & the Cincinnati Bengals

With home field advantage on the line, Peyton Manning turned into an interception machine and cost the Denver Broncos the game against the Cincinnati Bengals. The memes were celebrating his newly found weakness.

With the loss, the Broncos have lost the chance to finish with the top seed in the AFC. They’re not even guaranteed a first round bye, as they’ll need to win another game in week 17. Facing the Raiders might actually be helpful.

Andy Dalton wasn’t very good, but often it’s about making less mistakes. In that category at least, the usually dissed quarterback prevailed and didn’t disturb his team from picking up a win that clinched them a playoff spot.

Peyton Manning has more interceptions than Eli Manning this season, although there is one more game to play and change that. It seems that since breaking the all-time touchdown record, Peyton is in some sort of decline, which is something to worry about for the Broncos.

Pick 6

Not Sure

Cutler Surprise

Towel joke

Bad news meme

Peyton joke

Big mistake

Nationwide jingle meme

Manning xmas gift

Another pick 6 joke

Omaha joke

More than Eli

Who stole my ball

Manning forehead joke

Tom Brady laughing

Not in the script

Opposite year

Free pizza

Free turnover

Ohio QBs

Manning rhyme

Another surprise


Manning is choking

Bengals & Manning

Cincinnati Da real MVP

Very funny Welker

Stevie Wonder

Peyton Manning impersonation

Dark side of the bruise

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