30 Best Memes of Ray Rice Getting Cut by the Baltimore Ravens & the NFL

The Ray Rice saga had another twist, maybe the final one, as the video from the elevator in which he hit his then-fiancee and knocked her out cold surfaced, resulting in plenty of memes making fun of the situation, which includes the Baltimore Ravens cutting him from the team, and the NFL suspending him indefinitely from the league.

Everyone knew what happened in that elevator. Rice didn’t drag her out, passed out, because she just fainted or something. There was no video released to the public and according to the NFL and the Ravens, they never saw the footage of what happened inside the steel box. Still, it was quite easy to understand what happened in there.

Roger Goodell admitted he made the wrong decision in suspending Rice for just two games. He did a lot of things in the process of reaching his decision. Suddenly actually seeing Rice doing what everyone knew he did changed everything? So now it’s OK to suspend him? Something is very wrong in the way the NFL makes decisions.

Maybe this is the last we’ve seen of Rice in the NFL. Those comparing this case to Michael Vick: Vick was in prison for two years. Rice? He goes to anger management. It doesn’t make Vick any better of a human being for murdering dogs, but he did get punished, which opens up a window for redemption. Rice? Right now, he doesn’t have that opportunity.

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