23 Best Memes of Robert Griffin III Getting Injured Again

Another season, another Robert Griffin III injury. While the memes could focus on the Washington Redskins winning without him now that they have Kirk Cousins, maybe a better quarterback, they set their sights on making fun of a very fragile quarterback.

The face of the franchise they said, but maybe he’s actually the second best quarterback on this team. For one season, or most of it at least, he seemed like the biggest bingo in the draft. A second overall pick that lit up the field with his throws and running, until he got injured against the Ravens. He returned almost as good, but then tore his ACL against the Seahawks in the playoffs.

Since then nothing has been the same. He played last season under a head coach that hates him, and it didn’t work out. This season was supposed to be the year Griffin learns to keep himself in the pocket and avoid injuries. His twisted ankle might turn out to be a lot more, and maybe end a season for him.

The Redskins did win. Cousins looked quite comfortable in the new offensive schemes. These were the Jaguars of course, so it might not be that much of a great indication to his abilities. The Redskins can at least be calm about having a solid backup to a quarterback that simply can’t stay healthy.

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