33 Best Memes of Russell Wilson & The Seattle Seahawks Blindsiding Aaron Rodgers & the Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers had the game signed, sealed and delivered. But Aaron Rodgers wasn’t very good in the second half while Russell Wilson remembered how to play football in the final three minutes of the game and overtime, which leads to a shift in the subject of mockery in the aftermath memes, celebrating how the Seattle Seahawks found a way to make the Super Bowl.

Because if the game would have gone in the direction it seemed to be going for the first 56 minutes, there would have been plenty of jokes making fun of Wilson becoming an interception machine in the NFC championship game, of Seahawks fans leaving the game early (although we had to leave one of those in) and Pete Carroll looking absolutely helpless for the entire game.

But then a touchdown happened. And then the onside kick with Brandon Bostick having a moment that might be just as bad as Bill Buckner’s between the legs moment or Steve Bartman ruining a game for the Chicago Cubs. If that’s not enough, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix didn’t try hard enough in stopping a two-point conversion. The Seahawks took a 3-point lead instead of a two point lead. The Green Bay Packers scored a field goal that would have won the game, if it wasn’t for the lazy effort.

Wilson would have cried at the end of the game either way, but it ended up being tears of relief, of joy. For three minutes and whatever it took him in overtime to get down the field, he was a great quarterback again. Even in a day with four interceptions thrown, it seems to be enough to make it to the Super Bowl.

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